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PyCon Sweden 2019 will take place between October 31st - November 1st at Münchenbryggeriet in the center of Stockholm.


Stories From Real World Vision Projects

How do you implement an application that can pick out the interesting parts of a soccer game? What do you do when you don't have enough data, or when the data is too specific? How do you know that you are actually solving the problem, or even the right problem?

Writing a neural network in Python using Keras is very straight forward, you can do it in 20 lines or less, but is that all there is? Welcome to a journey through some real world problems and the thinking when working through them.

Speaker: Tess Ferrandez. Tess is a software engineer/data scientist working at Microsoft. She works primarily on computer vision projects and more specifically lately on video action detection projects with some of the largest retailers and media companies in Europe and US. Read her interview here.

Scaling AI @ H&M

The talk is about sharing the journey & learnings from building a world class AI function that builds scalable software for the entire H&M group. In the talk we will go through the tech stack behind it and some of the key enablers for us to scale and drive value from AI.

Speaker: Errol Koolmeister. Errol is the head of AI tech & architecture at H&M group and acting head of Data Science. In his role he is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the AI projects run at H&M. He has spent the last 10+ years in different industries such as banking, telecom and consulting and his main focus has during this time been setting up and scaling AI and big data projects. Read his interview here.

The Ubiquity of Operationalizing Python Models

As we progress further into the Information Age, the number of factors involved in making important business decisions increases exponentially. We will discuss the benefits of operationalizing Python models to better inform the increasingly complicated choices that need to be made in an increasingly complicated world, as well as highlight examples that showcase the ubiquity of this approach.

Speaker: Shammamah Hossain. Since June 2018, Shammamah has been working at Plotly as the main engineer for the Dash DAQ and Dash Bio libraries. Read her interview here.

Preliminary Program


Career with Python

Develops are in high demand. According Svenska Dagbladet is Sweden in need of 70 000 programmers until 2022. To bridge the gap between developers and corporate we invite talent seekers from different companies here in Stockholm. We will ask them to share their view about the talents they are missing to accelerate their development speed and what we as python developers can do, to make our CVs seen in the application process. After the panel you have the chance to meet them person during the job fair.

Organizer: Christine Winter (Software developer at Ivbar, PyLadies Stockholm)

Learning python programming

How can we share our passion for programming to others and the next generation? Where is a good starting point to learn python and programming in general? After reaching some seniority in programming, what can I do to continue learning? And what are the keys to create a learning environment? During this panel we will find answers for those questions and discuss the role of education in programming. We are excited to welcome the passionate community builders and coding teachers as our guests:

Anna Unger (Data Engineer at Granditude): Three years ago Anna changed her career to tech. In June 2019 she founded the Facebook Developer Circle in Stockholm together with Dalia Hamoda and became thereby an active driver of the Stockholm tech community. In August 2019 she and her team succeeded at the San Francisco's PyTorch hackathon and ended up on 3rd place.

Jessica Shortz (Web Developer, PyLadies Stockholm): After trying her hand at being an attorney, she discovered her passion for computers. Python is currently her favorite language, and she loves engaging with the local tech scene in Stockholm.

Juha-Matti Santala (Developer Advocate at Futurice, Community Builder): Juhis is a developer community builder, web developer and programming teacher from Helsinki, Finland currently working at Futurice. He has a background in web development in fast-growing startups, experience in building communities for startups and developers and a passion for inclusive communities.

Lilian Nandi (Teacher of Computer Science/Head of Department at Northbridge House): Lilian studied Computer Science at high school and did her PhD in Computer Modelling from University College London. She went on to looking at computer applications and programming in the pharmaceutical sector before entering formal teaching for the next generation.

Organizer: Christine Winter (Software developer at Ivbar, PyLadies Stockholm)


Address: Mälarsalen, Söder Mälarstrand 29, 118 25 Stockholm

Nearest metro station: Mariatorget

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