And we opened our ticket sales. As previous years we tried to make tickets accessible as much as possible with some dedicated to students and individuals not supported by companies. You can find the tickets at EventBrite in the following link:

Ticket Sales


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Presenting the 2023 keynote speakers!

Daniel Stenberg

Daniel Stenberg is a Swedish Internet protocol expert and developer who has participated in and worked with Open Source for 30 years. He is most known for being the founder and lead developer of the curl project since 1998, one of the world's most widely used software components. He participates in protocol development within the IETF and has authored books on curl, HTTP/2, HTTP/3 and more. Frequent public speaker. Daniel is employed by wolfSSL.

Sebastián Ramírez

Sebastián Ramírez (tiangolo), the creator of FastAPI, Typer, SQLModel, Asyncer, and other open source tools. He's worked with companies and teams across the world, from Latin America to the Middle East, going through Europe and USA. Always building different types of products and custom solutions involving APIs, data processing, distributed systems, and Machine Learning.

Deb Nicholson

Deb Nicholson is a free software policy expert and a passionate community advocate. She is the Executive Director at the Python Software Foundation which serves as the non-profit steward of the Python programming language. She has previously served the open source ecosystem through her work at the Open Source Initiative, Software Freedom Conservancy, and the Open Invention Network. She lives with her husband and her lucky black cat in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Carol Willing

Carol Willing is a three-time Python Steering Council member, a Python Core Developer, PSF Fellow, and a Project Jupyter core contributor. In 2019, she was awarded the Frank Willison Award for technical and community contributions to Python. As part of the Jupyter core team, Carol was awarded the  2017 ACM Software System Award for Project Jupyter's lasting influence. She's also a leader in open science and open-source governance serving on Quansight Labs Advisory Board and the CZI Open Science Advisory Board. She's driven to make open science accessible through open tools and learning materials.She recently served as Noteable's VP of Engineering.


Preliminary conference program:

Day 1

Time Main Room Second Room
07:00-08:30 Registration opens
08:30-09:00 Opening Speech
09:00-10:00 Keynote
10:00-10:30 coffee break
10:30-11:00 The Python packaging ecosystem – Simple guidelines for packaging End-to-end Discord bot development&deployment
11:00-11:30 Python in Excel, a big step for finance
11:30-12:00 Kivy: Cross-platform App development for Pythonistas
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:00 Keynote: Sebastián Ramírez
14:00-14:30 : teaching about diversity with Python and poetry Personalized LLMs with Hopsworks Feature Store
14:30-15:00 "Harry Potter and the Elastic Python Clients
15:00-15:30 GraphQL as an umbrella for microservices Calling Rust from Python: A Gentle Introduction to PyO3
15:30-16:00 coffee break coffee break
16:00-16:30 Debugging Python Calling Rust from Python: A Gentle Introduction to PyO3
16:30- Closing Day 1

Day 2

Time Main Room Second Room
9:00-10:00 Keynote: Carol Willing
10:00-10:30 coffee break
10:30-11:00 PEP 458 a solution not only for PyPI Django Girls - Create your first web app with Python and Django!
11:00-11:30 Load testing with Python and Locust
11:30-12:00 Sustainable Python Performance
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:00 Keynote: Deb Nicholson
14:00-14:30 Exploring OpenSearch, Python, and Serverless:
Crafting Efficient and Modern Search Applications
Try building Telegram bot instead of another web application
14:30-15:00 CALFEM - Teaching the Finite Element method in Python
15:00-15:30 Robyn: An async Python web framework with a Rust runtime DBT - from zero to hero in 90 (or 120)  minutes
15:30-16:00 coffee break
16:00-16:30 Python Developer Experience with Polylith DBT - from zero to hero in 90 (or 120)  minutes
16:30-17:00 Lightning talks
17:00- Closing speech of PyCon Sweden 2023

We are excited to have the following speakers for talks and workshops on our stage this year.


We are super excited to come back together in person for this year's conference!

We know this is an odd request, but we need your help. We run this organization in our spare time and we are just regular people doing regular things. In order to keep Pycon Sweden alive and energize this amazing innovative European country, we kindly ask for your help in sponsorship. Unfortunately, this organization is not possible without its generous sponsors. Even the smallest amount makes a huge difference so PyCon Sweden can continue giving back to the community.
Thank you!


65 000 SEK

  • Rollup on display on the main stage
  • Logo & job ad on the conference website
  • Presentation at job fair
  • Sponsored talk or workshop
  • 5 corporate tickets (transferable)
  • 5 corporate tickets with discount


45 000 SEK

  • Visibility on the conference website
  • Logo & job ad on the conference website
  • Presentation at job fair
  • Sponsored talk
  • 3 corporate tickets (transferable)
  • 3 corporate tickets with discount


25 000 SEK

  • Logo & job ad on the conference website
  • Presentation at job fair
  • 2 corporate tickets (transferable)
  • 2 corporate tickets with discount


15 000 SEK

  • Logo on the conference website
  • Presentation at job fair
  • 1 corporate tickets (transferable)
  • 1 corporate tickets with discount

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